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Quit Smoking



Have you tried various methods to give up smoking and none of them have worked? Are you determined to kick the habit?

Why do you continue to smoke when you know you are risking your health? Itís expensive, (according to a 2016 survey by WalletHub, the average smoker in Florida spends over $100,000 in their lifetime on cigarettes), it stinks and itís doing you no favors. 


Some smokers would say that it helps them to relax but in actual fact as soon as the nicotine enters the bloodstream your heart rate increases giving you the opposite effect.

Many people begin to smoke when they are younger to make themselves appear older or to fit in with their peer group but does this idea really hold true now?


If you are worried that you may gain weight if you give up smoking then donít let that be a concern as I will give you useful suggestions and techniques during hypnosis that will prevent that from happening.

As there are fewer and fewer places for smokers to smoke it is becoming more and more socially unacceptable. Now is definitely the right time to give up. You owe it to yourself for your own health and everyone around you. By investing in yourself now you can break the habit and have better health, more money, smell fresh and be free from the constant craving.

If you are trying to give up smoking, the more you think about not having a cigarette the more you want one. This is because whenever you have conscious willpower versus subconscious imagination, your imagination will always win.

I use a technique that is very effective. It should require just one session. However should you require it I can provide one yearís free back up support at no extra charge.



Review from Linda P.: I went to Helen to help me quit smoking after 30 years of this habit. She spent so much time learning about me personally, my motivations and what I ultimately wanted to accomplish before we started the session. It was her caring and professionalism that really made this a successful experience. I have been smoke free since my session in early 2017 and I don't miss it. I feel like I have my life back! Thank you Helen!

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